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What do I need to know before I create my song list? (Or, how to make a great playlist for your DJ!)

Starting a song list can be a daunting challenge at first glance. There are millions of songs in the universe, but which ones will make for a next-level party?

The best thing to do is start with the musical styles, genres and decades you most love. Maybe you lean more toward 80s, Country or Indie music.

Consider your friends, family, guests or coworkers and what music will get them into the moment. If you’re engaged, don’t forget to talk to your fiancé! What music does she/he love to listen to? (If you can compromise here it bodes well for a lasting marriage!)

Your Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music streaming might be able to tell you a bit more about your taste. (Don’t feel too bad about that guilty pleasure song you want to hear. It’s your party, after all!)

Also, be sure to think through the main stages of your particular event. For a wedding, you'll likely need music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. Of course, there are certain songs and artists who are better suited for certain moments throughout your event.

The good news is Byrne Rock DJ Service can help you curate a list that will set the perfect tone for your party! For a list of popular wedding (and non-wedding) songs just check out our downloadable play list at

We don’t place a bunch of rules or limitations on your song list, so don’t think of our downloadable list as a menu of specific choices. You’re welcome to use it exclusively, but it’s mostly here as a resource to help you out.

Mainly, we want you to know that we’re here to help! We work with some clients who compile a comprehensive list of songs and others who defer to our experience to choose great music based off more general musical guidelines. Let us know what will make your planning easier we’ll make some suggestions.

Then sit back and get ready to dance!

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