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Why should I consider booking a professional DJ?

Food. Check. Libations. All set. Music & Entertainment? Hold the phone!

A great celebration is more than just a venue filled up with people you know. To really create a memorable evening folks need a reason to put down their cell phones, get out of their chairs and cut loose.

Enter the DJ.

Songs galore, a set-list that doesn’t stop and the ability to switch gears when an announcement is needed to direct the attention of your guests are all part of what a professional DJ brings to the table.

You might be thinking a lot of DJs can check these items off the list. So, what separates a good DJ from a great one?

Enthusiasm to be the center-point of your event, an ability to read the crowd, and an unquenchable musical knowledge are just a few things that make a Byrne Rock DJ stand out from the crowd.

We’re genuinely happy to be there and are driven by the desire to make sure your day is as perfect as possible.

Ever been to a wedding where the DJ is way over the top with his announcements?

We strive to make sure our MC approach meets the size of the space and the energy of your guests. (We leave the cheesy jokes and grand-standing at home.) Energetic and fun announcements help you and your guests feel at ease which comes in handy once the dance-floor opens up.

Our set-list is a combination of our decades of combined experience and your custom input. We understand how subjective music can be and love to create something that is uniquely you!

Need a power-hour of 90s hits? We got you covered!

Gotta have some cumbias to get the party amped up? Not a problem!

Want a custom edit of a couple songs for your First Dance? We’ll make it happen!

At Byrne Rock DJ Service, we love bringing music and people together.


Final thoughts: Don't you wanna' dance with somebody?

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